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Music Friday: Top 5 New EPs And Albums You Need To Stream This Weekend

It’s Friday, baby! And it means there is a bunch of new fresh music out today.

Below, we listed the top 5 new EPs and albums you HAVE TO listen to this weekend!

1- Endless Play EP by Peter Bjorn and John

The band is celebrating the end of its second decade by releasing Endless Play, a new three-song EP – one apiece from each member of the trio. The band is clearly trying different melodies and approaches, but still stays true to its unique sound and indie vibe. 

2- Burn by Foxy Shazam

Welcome back, Foxy Shazam! After going on hiatus in 2014, the group reunited with the new collection Burn. The album features 10 tracks inspired by members’ personal experiences, and the end result is an album that blurs a few genre lines.

3- Say I’m What You Want EP by Jason Lancaster

Say I’m What You Want can be described as a love letter or maybe even a love story! Much like his previous solo work, Lancaster uses a lot of melodic keys, which flow perfectly with his voice as he deep lyrics straight from the heart. 

4- TBD by BriGuel 

The NYC artist duo BriGuel return with a new 6-track EP titled TBD, a genre borderless project building bridges between rap, dream-pop, and deep progressive house. Miguel Gluckstern serves melodic hip-hop and his signature bilingual conscious rap, while Brianne Berkson creates an unmatchable energy thanks to her smooth and lush contemporary R&B vocals.  

5- Big Bunny by Alaska Reid

Alaska Reid is stepping away from her band project, Alyeska and out on her own for the first time. Big Bunny EP is what Reid summarises as “a diary of my life”, a collection of songs that have been in the works for a significant period and one that chronicles the singer/songwriter’s evolution.