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WATCH: Banda El Recodo Gets Shut Down By Police Amid Street Performance in Tokyo

Banda El Recodo is taking their banda sinaloense to the next level. On May 2, the prominent música mexicana group spontaneously performed in Tokyo, Japan, causing a scene in the busy streets of Shibuya.

Shibuya is known to be one of the busiest crosswalks in the Tokyo Metropolis — “ with or without a special activity going on. In an unexpected turn of events, the banda performed their popular “El Corrido de Mazatlán” in the commercial center, gathering a crowd of spectators. Videos of the surprise performance are now going viral. The band is seen performing without speakers, only instruments. Cops quickly came onto the scene and stopped the pop-up performance. Though Infobae reported that the members were allegedly arrested, social media users captured videos of the band complying.

Their surprise performances didn’t stop there. Earlier today (May 3), the band performed “Dos Botellas de Mezcal” at Tokyo Bay. The band was accompanied by a small audience who were treated with the unique spectacle. 

Fans are thrilled to know the famous música mexicana band is in the country. An X user wrote: “WEY! What do you mean banda el recodo is in Japan?” Another X user commented: “that thing about banda el recodo in japan, that’s cool. it’s a genre that I don’t like, but weee not everyone makes it that far!”

It appears Banda El Recodo is embracing their trip to Japan. They recently posted an Instagram carousel with images of their outings. “One more day in Asia, Japan never ceases to amaze us. we visited important places in Tokyo, and we had the honor to be in the Mexican embassy and finally we went to the mythical Shibuya crossing,” they wrote.

This marks the second time Banda El Recodo is in Japan, their first time was in 2002. The band is in town to perform at the Festival de Camino a Latinoamérica [Road to Latin America Festival] that is taking place in Odaiba, Tokyo, from May 3 to 5. The “La Quebradora” singers are scheduled to perform tomorrow (May 4).