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INZO Delivers Bass Masterpiece with New ‘Visionquest’ EP

As one of the most unique acts in bass music, we always are eager to listen every time INZO drops new beats. Mike Inzano has been dropping music as INZO for nearly a decade now, his musical upbringing starting with learning piano and drums at age four. Today, the acclaimed producer shares his latest EP, Visionquest, a seven-track sonic journey via independent record label Lowly.

Featuring tracks with icons like LSDREAM and Rezz, Visionquest brings the heat. All of INZO’s releases have an otherworldy-ness to them. From the cover art to the production style, he has created a unique identity for his music that is ever-evolving and always fresh. The LSDREAM collaboration, “Faceplant On The Galaxy,” is a funky face-melter that sees the two artists’ chemistry flourish. Conversely, “Stillness in the sky” with ILLUSIO brings the EP to a halt (in the best way possible) as a heavenly and cinematic no-drum instrumental. Visionquest has it all and is just as fun as it is inspiring.

INZO shared his thoughts on the EP, commenting:

‘Visionquest’ is an EP that, again, showcases my versatility. The overarching theme revolves around a personal journey—a constant search for my “sound” that evolves constantly. The music reflects the uncertainty of what my vision is, or what it is I’m “seeing” or “hearing.” The clarity remains elusive, but instinctual self-expression does not. Each track unfolds as a sonic chapter, capturing the essence of my current & ever-evolving musical journey.

You can stream Visionquest at the link below, and catch him on the last leg of his spring tour. Enjoy!

INZO – Visionquest

Written By: JD Scribner

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