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Colman Domingo Cast As Batman in New Series — Here’s Everything We Know

Emmy winner Colman Domingo is putting on the cowl and the cape – figuratively, at least. The actor, who is starring in the upcoming Netflix film Rustin, is also set to voice the caped crusader in a new audio series, titled: The Riddler: Secrets in the Dark.  

The Spotify limited series will also feature the voices of Hasan Minhaj as The Riddler and Gina Rodriguez as Barbara Gordon. A very Latine Bat-family indeed. Jason Isaacs, Calum Worthy, Hannah Simone, Peyton Crim and Hugh Scott are also set to be part of the audio series, among others.

In The Riddler: Secrets in the Dark, Domingo’s Batman “begrudgingly teams up with Minhaj’s Riddler to track down a masked vigilante on the loose in Gotham City.” We hope the irony of a masked vigilante tracking down another masked vigilante with the help of a villain isn’t lost on the characters.

Domingo will next be seen in the historical drama Rustin, which is set to premiere worldwide on Netflix on November 17th. The movie focuses on Bayard Rustin, a leader in social movements for civil rights, nonviolence, and gay rights. It is set to chronicle Rustin’s role in organizing the March on Washington in 1963.

The movie has generated early Oscar buzz for Domingo, and though his role as Batman in The Riddler: Secrets in the Dark is nowhere near as high-profile, it is still a great chance for fans to hear Domingo step into a role that could at this point, rightfully, go to him in live-action, as well. 

Earlier this year, another Latino voiced Batman. Mexican actor Alfonso Herrera (Dance of the 41) was cast in the Spanish-language version of the Batman Unearthed podcast. The podcast is an audio series on Spotify that follows Batman battling his most terrifying adversaries.