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Woman Spotted With Peso Pluma Speaks Out – Here’s What She Said

There are more details about Peso Pluma and Nicki Nicole’s alleged separation. On Feb. 14, the woman La Doble P was spotted holding hands with in Las Vegas, NV, spoke out about the situation.

In a now-deleted Instagram post, the woman in question, the Los Angeles-based influencer Sahar Sonia, shared her side of the story. She claims that though she knew who Peso Pluma was, she didn’t know he had a significant other. “I think this whole story got blown way out of proportion. Yes, I know who Peso Pluma is – but I’m not Spanish, I don’t keep up with Spanish news. I didn’t know his personal life or current relationship status. I don’t know who she is,” she said.

She continued: “I just ask that everybody stop the bullying because it’s not the person that I am. I had no bad intentions to break up a relationship. Or anything like that.”  

The influencer’s explanation comes after she was recorded strolling hand-in-hand with the Mexican corridos tumbados star in a Las Vegas casino. After the video went viral earlier this week, Peso’s then-partner Nicki Nicole wrote about it on her social media. 

“Respect is a necessary part of love. What is loved, is respected. What is respected, is cared for. When you are not cared for and when there is no respect… I will not stay there. I’m leaving,” the Argentinean rapper said online. “It is with great pain that I found out the same way you did, thank you for the love you are sending me.”

As of now, Nicki has archived or deleted her photos with the “LADY GAGA” singer on her Instagram profile. Peso Pluma has all of the couple’s photos up online and has yet to respond to the situation. However, he’s slated to drop “A Tu Manera,” a collaboration with Junior H tomorrow (Feb. 16).