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Fans Choose Bacilos’ ‘Pequeños Romances’ as This Week’s Top New Latin Music

Bacilos latest studio album, Pequeños Romances, has risen as the top choice in this week’s new Latin music poll, capturing the hearts of fans and securing the number one spot.

Pequeños Romances, meaning “small romances,” resonated deeply with listeners, earning over 47% of the total votes. This impressive feat saw the album outshine other noteworthy releases that dropped during the same period. Among the contenders were Luis Fonsi’s El Viaje, which brought its own unique charm, LAGOS’ Alta Fidelidad, a testament to the group’s evolving sound, Alejo’s En Esta Nos Fuimos Lejos, which offered a fresh perspective, and Darumas’ self-titled debut, introducing a new player to the scene.

Ultimately, the overwhelming support for Pequeños Romances highlights Bacilos’ continued relevance and appeal in the Latin music world. The album’s success in the poll is a testament to the duo’s ability to connect with their audience through heartfelt lyrics and engaging melodies.