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‘Bridezilla’ Demands Bridesmaids Get Eyebrows Tattooed

A woman on Reddit dropped out of being a bridesmaid after the bride demanded she get her eyebrows microbladed, i.e. tattooed, for the ceremony.

The bride’s sibling shared that their girlfriend, “Rosie,” dropped out of the bridal party after the “ridiculous” bride refused to compromise.

“My sister ‘Megan’ is getting married this summer. She had asked my girlfriend ‘Rosie’ to be a bridesmaid at the wedding. This was four months ago. Last week Megan told all the women in her wedding party they have to get something called microblading done,” the Reddit user wrote in a since-deleted post on Reddit, according to The Mirror.

Megan told her bridal party that microblading would be “done right on top of” their brows, and that she had “already made appointments for herself and the wedding party” so they would be “healed” in time for the ceremony.

The Reddit user explained that microblading wasn’t just offered as “an option,” but a “must for anyone in her wedding party.”

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“There’s nothing wrong with Rosie’s eyebrows. She even tried to compromise with Megan and said she would have them dyed for the wedding if it was that important. Rosie has naturally light blonde hair and very light blonde eyebrows so dark eyebrows will look ridiculous on her but she was willing to dye hers and have them dark for a few weeks just to make Megan happy,” they recalled.

But Megan wasn’t happy with Rosie’s suggestion, so Rosie “dropped out of being a bridesmaid.”

“Now Megan is furious at her and when I told Megan to back off because trying to force someone to get eyebrows tattooed is ridiculous, Megan turned on me. She says it’s none of my concern and I should not have interfered with something between her and Rosie and that Rosie is being unreasonable because the microblading fades within a few years,” they noted.

The Reddit user added they “can’t believe Megan thinks it’s reasonable to ask this.”

“Megan and the bridesmaids all have eyebrows and they are fine. There’s nothing wrong with Rosie’s or anyone else’s. I was defending Rosie because I don’t think Megan is being reasonable,” they concluded.

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Users in the comments section roasted the “entitled” bride.

“Holy crap, she wants her bridesmaids to alter their appearance for years and years? That’s completely delusional. This takes the bridezilla thing to a whole new level of entitlement. I wouldn’t even attend at this point,” one person wrote.

“This is beyond obnoxious and controlling. I would never do this for someone let alone a bridal party,” another commented.

“This shouldn’t even be an argument. Someone demanding that you make a permanent alteration (of any kind) to your face (or any part of your body), as a condition to participate in ANYTHING (much less a wedding), is absolutely insane. Your sister has lost her mind. You and Rosie need to stop discussing this with her and just drop from the wedding entirely. Jesus,” another person stated.

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