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Man Tells Girlfriend She Isn’t Allowed to See Male Gynecologist

A woman on Reddit is reconsidering her relationship after her boyfriend told he she isn’t allowed to see a male gynecologist.

The woman claims her boyfriend told her he “doesn’t want another man” to see her “vagina,” even if that man is a licensed doctor.

“He is the complete opposite of my ex in sharing the household duties, even though we don’t live together. He cooks, washes 100 [percent] of my/my kids’ laundry, cleans more than I do,” she wrote via her Reddit post, adding that she thought she had finally “found a good one.”

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Reddit users in the comments section roasted the woman’s boyfriend for being “controlling.”

“That’s so stupid. I’m sorry. I love my old man OBGYNs, they’ve always done so well on my C-sections. Nothing like a calm old grandpa soothingly ripping me open and then sewing me up,” one person wrote.

“That is so annoying and controlling, I would literally laugh in his face. That is 100% none of his business what doctors you seek help from. This would tempt me to be petty and see only male doctors,” another chimed in.

“What if it’s an emergency? What if there isn’t a suitable woman? Would he rather you forgo a medical procedure if the tech is male? Does he know that if you have kids everyone and anyone will be looking up there? Insane,” someone else commented.

“He doesn’t get to tell you what doctor to see, or bikini waxer, or massage therapist, or anything. I’d be more comfortable being naked with any of these professionals before being naked with someone who says twisted [stuff] like that,” another user wrote.

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