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Lo’renzo To’rez Drops Hot Singles

Lo’renzo To’rez is an American singer and songwriter from Ohio. Lo’renzo started singing at the age of 10.

His genre of music extends to pop and r&b, making his sound very unique. Lorenzo has his personal sound and style that follows a special lane in the music game. Often viewed as an indie musician, Lorenzo’s music portrays very deep and personal emotions that make it relatable and real! He opens up as a writer and a storyteller about his life sharing his pain and touching his fans and audience.

His single “Closing The Door” has put his sound on a new pedestal, pushing his voice to different levels. It is a calm and slow mesh of rhythm and lyrics that resonates with plenty of fans. “Live Again” is an energetic twist to his sound that picks up as the tunes swift through different tempos.

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