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#LHHNY: Olivia Checks Rich, Tahiry Has A Medical Scare, Mendeecees Release Gets Held Up & More

Source: VH1Another old face from past has returned, and she still has a bone to pick Rich Dollaz. Plus, Tahiry has a serious medical scare, Yandy’s fight to change the prison system might be the reason her husband has not been released, and Remy Ma is facing more legal issues.

It took a few episodes, but Oli, a.k.a., the first lady of G-Unit, is back, and she still has some serious issues she needs to discuss with Rich Dollaz. Before she links up with Mr. Dollaz, she catches up with Chrissy for a pow-wow session. Apparently, the two “friends” haven’t spoken to each other in 7 years and they “missed” each other. But there was an issue between them, Chrissy reveals that she did not like the fact that Oli said she was the wrong one in her feud forever feud with Yandy.  Chrissy doesn’t want that to be an issue though and moves on.

Oli opens up to Chrissy about dealing with the death of her mom and that things have been hard. When the topic finally switches to Rich, Oli drops the bombshell that she found out that he has been taking money from her. When Oli was making bread off the songs they wrote together, Liv learned that Rich was pocketing her cut, so the singer never saw a dime. This deeply hurt her because she thought Rich was her best friend but now she believes their friendship is beyond repair.

Oli wastes no time getting back in the studio and links up PHresher to work on his song. She has no idea that PHresher is using her because she worked with Rich, and he’s looking to take advantage of the falling out between Oli and former bestie. Oli and PHresher have a conversation about Rich, and both of them agree that he is dirty, and she sides with PHresher on the whole Jennaske situation. Keep in mind the man totally didn’t tell the entire truth about the Jennaske ordeal.

We catch up with Yandy and learn what’s going on with Mendeecees and why he has not been set free yet. Now we know he is , this was taped before Yandy shared the video of him tossing his prison drip in the trash. Back to the show, Mendeecees tells his wife that his release is being held up because of paperwork issues. He believes the paperwork is being held up at the same correctional facility that Yandy has been protesting at. Yandy was also pepper-sprayed for her efforts in front of that prison. The couple believes that her fight for the prisoners in the prison could be the reason the system is dragging its feet to release Mendeecees.

Yandy feeling distraught about the situation with Mendeeecees links up with her friend and business partner Jamila who also spent some time in prison. While speaking on the plight of the prisoners suffering in a Mississippi correctional facility, the subject quickly shifts to Yandy’s husband. She is conflicted about whether she should go with Jamila to Mississipi to lend her voice and platform in the fight to improve the inhumane living conditions for the men in the jail.

Yandy believes it could possibly make things worse, and if she gets arrested, she could catch a federal charge, and that will prevent Mendeecees from coming home. After some convincing and shedding tears, she decides she will go with Jamila. We find out that due to Jamila being on parole, she wasn’t granted permission to go, but Yandy still went.

While we are on the subject of prison, Remy Ma and Papoose are also worried that she could end up back in bars after she just celebrated getting off parole. Former Love & Hip Hop cast member, Brittney Taylor accuses the “Conceited” rapper of punching her in the face, so now Remy has been dragged back in the legal system. Remy, of course, denies the incident took place, but that’s not for her to decide at this point. Remy’s friend, TT, confirms her buddy’s innocence because she was there when it all went down.

TT tells Remy to stay focused and that people are always looking for a quick come-up. Everyone believes Remy’s case will be dropped but that doesn’t make the rapper feel any better.

Remy and Papoose have a conversation with her attorney Dawn, and things are not looking good. Dawn breaks down to Remy that Brittany’s lawyer wants her to admit to assaulting her. Remy is not feeling that idea and wants to fight even if it means she could possibly go back to jail for a year if she loses the case. Papoose is not down to be a rider again and thinks it’s a bad idea, Remy though is ready to fight to prove she is innocent.

Newlywed Erica and Tahiry catch up following blowup between her and Jonathan at Erica’s birthday party. They don’t spend much time on that subject, with the mood changing to extremely serious. While letting the tears flow, Tahiry reveals to Mrs. Samuels that she has to visit a breast specialist because she could possibly have breast cancer. Erica is all too familiar with the seriousness of the disease being that she lost her father to it, so she tells Tahiry she will go with her to get the mammogram as a show of support.

Once there, the doctor reveals to Tahiry that they will have to perform a biopsy just to be sure and that she will have the results within minutes.

After a tense moment, the doctor reveals that Tahiry’s test looks good, and she does not have cancer, but she will have to come back in six months for a follow-up.

Finally, the big reunion of the episode. While PHresher and Oli are working on their track, Rich walks in. PHresher being absolutely petty, invited him so he can rub it in Rich’s face. Things immediately go left with Oli accusing Rich of stealing from her because a mutual acquaintance between them (Cisco) told her so. She also revealed that she called people they worked with to doublecheck, and they all confirmed all of the money went to Rich’s company. Rich fires back at Oli by telling her he couldn’t have stolen anything from her because he owned the record they did together.

Not satisfied with Rich’s response, Oli gets up and storms out of the studio ending the episode.

Viewers had plenty to say about Oli’s return, PHresher, Yandy, and Tahiry’s cancer scare. You can peep all of the reactions in the gallery below.

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