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Kasbo Delivers 7-Minute Progressive House Escapade “Resenären”

Today, we receive the fifth new single off of Kasbo‘s forthcoming album, The Learning of Urgency. The producer’s longest track to date, “Resenären,” is accompanied by a beautiful, cinematic music video, further enveloping us in the world of his highly anticipated LP.

Captivating and powerful, “Resenären” is the perfect showcase of Kasbo’s ability to create intricate worlds around his music. Every second of this six-minute, thirty-four-second escapade is made to entrance and mystify, as the prolific producer flexes his progressive house prowess in the process. Kasbo delivers a wide range of dynamic sections, breaking the track up into digestible pieces that effortlessly flow together.

Kasbo shared the creative process behind his new track, commenting:

The goal of this track was to take the listener on a journey and take time doing it. The name ”Resenären,” which means the traveler in Swedish, sort of speaks to that. With my album theme being centered around slowing down in an ever-accelerating world, I wanted to push that concept and take my time leading up to the final climax with this song.

You can stream “Resenären” at the link below, out everywhere via Foreign Family Collective. Enjoy!

Kasbo – Resenären

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