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Karla Panini Story Goes International Thanks to This South Korean YouTuber

Thanks to South Korean YouTuber Stephanie Soo, Karla Panini’s story is back in the spotlight and has gone viral again. And the internet still has a lot to say about what happened between Karla Panini, her friend Karla Luna and her friend’s husband Américo Garza, who would later go on to marry Panini after Luna passed away from cancer.

If the story seems familiar to some, it’s because people in Mexico have known about the drama between Karla Panini and Karla Luna for years. Now, the English-speaking world is catching up thanks to YouTuber Soo, who explains the whole thing in detail, even comparing the story to the K-drama Marry My Husband (Cásate con mi marido).

To summarize, Panini and Luna appeared together in the comedy show Las Lavanderas starting way back in 2010. The show was basically the two of them gossiping about anything and everything. They toured together, went on late-night shows, and were an iconic duo for years. That all crashed and burned when Panini had an affair with Américo Garza, Luna’s husband, who she’d go on to marry after Luna passed away due to cancer in 2017. 

It’s the kind of chisme people, to this day, still bring up as an example of treason. And though for years, it remained contained to Mexico, or at least to the Spanish-speaking world, now its gone international, and people are pretty pleased about that.

There’s laughter.

Some are very clear that their issue with Panini is that she “betrayed her friend at the most vulnerable moment of her life,” and that “she and her filthy husband still think they are the victims.”

Others don’t even know who Karla Panini is but are mad at her now.

In the end, the internet doesn’t agree on much, but apparently dislike for Karla Panini is something people agree with on an international level.

You can watch the Karla Panini history video by Stephanie Soo below.