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LISTEN: There’s a Norteño Cover of Feid’s ‘Ferxxo 100’

Feid’s “Ferxxo 100” transcends genres. On Oct. 5, the up-and-coming música mexicana group La Receta released its own version of “Ferxxo 100,” part of their upcoming album Rancherik. The result? A romantic norteño cover to the already swooning reggaeton track.

The new version keeps the Colombian singer’s bass-driven melody but incorporates different types of instruments into the post-breakup song. Switching the electric elements for the accordion, the Culiacán-bred ensemble delivered a unique and passionate cover of one of Feid’s most popular songs. 

However, this isn’t the norteño group’s first Feid cover. They also put their spin on “Feliz Cumpleaños Ferxxo” back in April. Moreover, both Ferxxo covers are part of the band’s viral corrido aesthetic brand, which they made popular on TikTok by covering popular songs that aren’t normally sung as corridos or in a música mexicana style.

As mentioned before, what sets La Receta apart from other emerging música mexicana bands is that they’re known for reimagining popular mainstream tunes. Other hit covers include Myke Towers’ earworm “LALA,” which they remade alongside Luis Mexia, and Kenia Os’ hit bubblegum pop single “Malas Decisiones.” Besides their catchy out-of-the-box regional Mexican covers, the band recently released joint tracks like “Apenas Es Martes” with El Fantasma and “Don Ismael” with Hans El Oso. Their upcoming album, Rancherik, follows La Receta Del Corrido, released last June.

“Ferxxo 100” seems to be a popular song to cover. Other than La Receta’s newly-released norteño cover, another artist who has reimagined the “Si Te La Encuentras Por Ahí” singer’s tune is DannyLux, who included it on his newest album DLUX. “I don’t think [Feid] knows about [my cover of his song], but I’ve always admired him as an artist,” he told Remezcla about the song. “The way he writes is just so sick.”

Listen to La Receta’s cover of “Ferxxo 100” below.