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LISTEN: Fuerza Regida’s ‘Dolido Pero No Arrepentido’ EP is Perfect for Valentine’s Day

After a week of controversy, the Mexican-American group Fuerza Regida has released new music. As an early Valentine’s Day gift to their fans, the guys dropped their Dolido Pero No Arrepentido EP today (Feb. 9).

This past week, Fuerza Regida made headlines around the world. The band’s lead singer, Jesús Ortíz Paz, aka JOP, was detained in Mexico on Sunday night. Ortiz Paz and three corridos tumbados musicians were reportedly arrested for trying to enter Mexicali, Baja California, with marijuana, which is illegal in Mexico. After spending a few days in a Mexican jail, JOP and his party were released, though they’ll face prosecution in Mexicali at a later time. Then, on Wednesday, Chuy Montana, signed to Ortiz Paz’s Street Mob record label, was found shot to death on a Tijuana roadside. He was reportedly murdered by people who attempted to kidnap him.

It’s important to note that Fuerza Regida had announced the Dolido Pero No Arrepentido EP before everything that transpired this week. It’s the band’s first taste of new music since the release of last year’s star-studded album Pa Las Baby’s y Belikeada. That 30-track LP featured artists like Gabito Ballesteros, Marshmello, Manuel Turizo, Maria Becerra, and El Fantasma. To show that they can shine on their own, there are no features on the new EP.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Dolido Pero No Arrepentido shows a more romantic side to the music of Fuerza Regida. In the feisty corrido “Enchulado,” JOP sings about taking care of his lover, who is about that bélica life. “Brillarosa” is another love song where Ortiz Paz talks about working hard to pamper his partner.

For the broken-hearted people, there’s the kiss-off anthem “Tú Name,” where JOP sings about sleeping with other women to forget his ex. He later tries to drink away the heartbreak in the vulnerable “PXTXS.” 

Listen to Dolido Pero No Arrepentido below.