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WATCH: Matthew McConaughey Goes Viral in Video of Him Dancing at Quinceañera

We’ve seen actor Matthew McConaughey show off his dance skills in films like The Wedding Planner and Magic Mike, but it looks like the Oscar winner is just as smooth on a real dance floor as he is on the movie set.

This weekend, McConaughey attended the quinceañera of his niece, Margarita “Maggie” Olympia McConaughey, in Midland, Texas. Maggie is the daughter of Matthew’s older brother Rooster and his wife Erica McConaughey, the latter of whom is Mexican.

In the video, which was uploaded by one of Maggie’s guests and currently has 3.7 million views, Maggie and Matthew can be seen inside the La Hacienda Event Center, dancing across the dance floor with their hands interlocked. Maggie is wearing a sparkling white dress and tiara, while Matthew is sporting jeans, a sports coat, boots, and a cowboy hat.

The photographer Iovany Galindo also shared a video where Matthew McConaughey is also seen helping fix Maggie’s hair, giving a speech, and dancing with his niece. You can also see Maggie’s mom Erica holding her daughter close during what looks like an emotional speech.

The photographer also shared a video of Rooster speaking with Maggie and getting over her reaching this milestone.

We’re not sure what song they’re dancing to since the video is dubbed with the song “A Bar Song (Tipsy)” by Shaboozey, but we’re sure it had a solid beat since uncle and niece seem to be having a lot of fun.

They probably got a chance to dance to some of Tejano singer Elida Reyna’s music, too, since she was the main entertainer at the quinceañera. Reyna also posted on social media about seeing McConaughey in the crowd while she was performing.

“We had no idea who we’d be performing for last night!” she wrote on Facebook. “We were fortunate to play a private event for Matthew McConaughey’s niece last night. I didn’t ask for a pic because I didn’t want to impose… It was so cool to see him dancing and enjoying himself with his fam and dancing to ‘Prefiero Morir’ and more. What a treat! You can tell he loves our Hispanic culture!”

Reyna may not have asked for a photo, but her bandmate Milo Rivas wasn’t about to pass up the opportunity.

“Super cool to see Matthew McConaughey and his family dancing to ‘Adicta,’” he wrote.

Fans reacted to the video with surprise and delight, with comments on the viral video ranging from wanting to be there to “imagine Matthew McConaughey being your padrino.”