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boerd & Boko Yout Release Collaborative EP ‘Griot’

Stockholm-based musician, songwriter, and producer, boerd, blends recordings of acoustic instruments with electronic influences drawn from genres like 90s trip-hop, ambient, and downtempo. Today, we’re thrilled to share his latest project, Griot, a collaborative EP with Afro Grunge pioneer Boko Yout.

Both producers come from vastly different personal and sonic backgrounds but have managed to find a beautiful marriage between trip-hop and electronica together. The 4-track EP fuses boerd’s delicate, melodic productions with Boko Yout’s honest and emotive lyricism. Here’s what both artists had to say about the unique project,

“I’ve long been inspired by 90s trip-hop from the UK, such as Portishead and Massive Attack, which probably comes through more on this EP than anything I’ve done before. My collaboration with Boko Yout is, for me, an introspective and reflective collection of lyrically and musically songs.” – boerd

“In writing, I’ve been honest and vulnerable. It’s a documentation of a larger grieving process. I delve into issues of addiction, relationships, and contemplations of death. It was never the plan; it just happened. The music becomes a way to reflect on and process the weight of it all.” – Boko Yout

Stream the EP below and enjoy!

boerd & Boko Yout – Griot

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