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Are Shakira & Alejandro Sanz Working on a New Song Together?

Are Shakira and Alejandro Sanz working on a new collaboration? On Feb. 13, the Colombian pop star posted a video of her and the Spanish musician getting their hair done together. Now, people speculate that the two collaborators and longtime friends are also working on new music together.

Shakira posted an Instagram story of both stars getting their hair washed. Sanz tells the camera that Shakira likes to play with his looks and that he feels like her doll. Shakira says that she likes the salt and pepper look and then tells the Spanish singer that he needs to let himself be guided by her, to which he agrees. She also jokingly says that if his fans have something to say, they’ll have to talk to her. The two are seen enjoying their time together.

Then, Shak posted his new look (that echoes his signature short updo hairstyle he’s known for) and wrote: “Girls! I left him divine for you. You’re welcome.” Sanz is seen smiling and digging his hairstyle, which is different from the light hair he has recently been seen rocking.

Fans are speculating that the two artists are up to something beyond getting their hair done together. Social media users are hoping for a collaboration between the two stars. “I’m swooning over that shakira and Alejandro Sanz story 😍😍😍😍 something is coming between the pair 💃,” an X user wrote. Another social media user commented: “WAIT. IS SHAKIRA TEASING A COLLLAB WITH ALEJANDRO SANZ????? @shakira.”

Other social media users are admiring the fact that Sanz appears in a healthier mental state. An X user wrote: “Alejandro Sanz recently had depression and look at him now in this video, delighted with life with Shakira. It’s as simple as that, being close to the person we like makes us want to live again as if it were magic.”

If the collaboration happens, it would be their third duet after “Te lo agradezco, pero no” (2006) and “La Tortura” (2005). Though it may or may not be related, this interaction also comes after Shakira posted a compilation of her past music videos on Feb. 11. On the caption, she wrote: “estén atentos / stay tuned.” We’ll have to wait and see if a collaboration happens!