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WATCH: Octavio Cuadras Introduces Corridos Felices With Marca Registrada & Maluma in ‘Bling Bling’

There’s a new wave of corridos going mainstream. Mexican singer Octavio Cuadras is ushering in the era of corridos felices. Marca Registrada and Maluma join him on a new version of his hit “Bling Bling,” released last night (Feb. 8).

Corridos were first revived in 2019 thanks to Mexican singer Natanael Cano. He pioneered the corridos tumbados movement, including his Rancho Humilde labelmates Junior H and Fuerza Regida. Peso Pluma’s bélico spin on corridos tumbados put the emerging genre into the mainstream last year, and Mexican-American singer Xavi is putting a romantic twist on corridos in his hits like “La Diabla” and “La Víctima.” Now Octavio Cuadras is going viral on TikTok his corridos felices or “happy corridos.”

Cuadras hails from Sinaloa, Mexico. He scored the biggest hit of his career last November with the release of the feel-good “Bling Bling” featuring Marca Registrada. It’s the best example of his corridos felices, which are corridos that embrace more upbeat and horn-driven sounds. While corridos tumbados can veer into having violent lyrics, Cuadras wants to change the game with his positive and easygoing messages.

Colombian superstar Maluma is a big fan of Cuadras’ corridos felices. He was connected to Cuadras through Mexican-American hit-maker Edgar Barrera, who also co-produced the new version of the song. Maluma jumps on Cuadras and Marca Registrada’s song and adds his perspective of living the good life in Medellín, Colombia. In the music video, Cuadras and Marca Registrada join Maluma’s Mexican-inspired party where everyone embraces the vaquero style and tequila is flowing. 

Maluma’s version of the song with Cuadras and Marca Registrada will be included on his upcoming album, Don Juan Season 2. Other artists who have embraced Cuadras’ corridos felices with him include El Padrinito Toys and Alex Favela.  

Check out the music video for the new version of “Bling Bling” below.