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ALRT releases multi-faceted album ‘Multiplicity’

The much-anticipated album, ‘Multiplicity,’ from DJ/producer ALRT is on its way. Echoing his personal journey beyond the studio, the album paints a potent sonic landscape, fusing elements of tech house and bass house with his own distinct style.

The introduction, “Multiplicity – Intro,” provides a dramatic cinematic touch that sets the mood for the album. Followed by “Familia,” an energetic, party-starting track that exudes ALRT’s recognizable bass house style.

Next up is “New Hype,” a dynamic, party-anthem that swiftly sets a thrilling, adrenaline-pumping tone for the album. The flow then switches into “City,” a potent tech house piece, ingeniously designed and addictively catchy. “Run It Up” is the album’s electrifying anthem, elevated by brass horns that amplify the single’s grandiosity. It’s an aural delight featuring playful, slurred notes in the drop and a stimulating tempo that throbs with intent and Middle Eastern touches. Adding an element of surprise, “One Time” switches gears to the bass house genre at the drop, revealing a captivating and unexpected club-ready tech house sound. “Make You Move” distinguishes itself as one of the most dance-floor-friendly tracks on the album, laden with unpredictable twists. “Through The Fire” catapults listeners into a new realm, introducing a fresh genre twist with its clever incorporation of UK garage. It beautifully disrupts and enriches the album’s flow with soulful vocals that pay tribute to the raw and emotive landscapes of the UK garage scene. “Never” stands as a testament to the multilayered nature of “Multiplicity.” It rides on a house tempo, interspersed with chopped-up vocals, crafting a unique emotional space distinct from the rest of the tracks.

Reaching the climax of the album is “Too Hot,” a bass house gem packed with stimulating vocal samples, sudden tempo shifts, and a slick flow. “Air Drums” then downshifts with a high-energy sound, offering a respite from the album’s ceaseless intensity.

In a heartfelt tribute to his family, “Mother” reveals gentle melodies and voice samples of his wife and child, illustrating his new roles as a father and husband in a glowing light.

Taking a minimalistic approach, “High Status” is packed with experimental elements and cutting-edge sounds. The final track “1985” weaves a nostalgic soundscape influenced by ALRT’s trance music memories, offering a sublime conclusion and a tranquil aura to guide listeners out of the extensive, immersive journey.

Multiplicity is more than an album; it’s a profound narrative of ALRT’s personal and musical evolution. It’s a defining work for ALRT, offering a diverse array of sounds and themes, each track skillfully linked to the next. In an electronic music culture often plagued by monotony, ‘Multiplicity’ delivers a much-needed breath of fresh air.