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Porter Robinson Enters New Pop Era with “Cheerleader”

If you’re like us, you were taken aback two weeks ago by Porter Robinson‘s Youtube upload “The Day Porter Robinson Deleted All His Music.” Luckily, his proclamation to delete his entire discography was just a big hoax (thank god), intended to draw our attention to his socials the next day for the very special announcement that “The album is done.” Along with this message came fresh new imagery, press photos, and even a new logo, catapulting Porter into a new era of music.

All made-up in pink and punk, Porter dives head first into his new musical era with his first single in two years, “Cheerleader.” The pop-forward track showcases Porter’s natural voice, contrasting much of the pitched-up vocals on Nurtureand highlighting the gritty, raw nature of this new era. It goes without saying that the production is pretty much perfect, infusing rock guitars on top of a bright, electronic soundscape.

You can stream “Cheerleader” at the link below, out everywhere via Mom + Pop. Enjoy!

Porter Robinson – Cheerleader

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