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Woman Wants Husband to Stop ‘Constantly Sexually Harassing’ Her

A woman on Reddit is frustrated after being constantly sexualized by her husband.

The woman shared that she and her husband, who have been together for more than 20 years, have a “decent sex life” and make love “2-3 times a week most weeks.” However, her issue is that she can “never get away from being ‘sexually harassed.'”

“A weird thing to say about your husband but I can’t take a shower without him watching and commenting. If he even thinks I might be changing clothes he will follow me to be sure he can watch,” she wrote via Reddit.

“I can’t lean over… reach for something… or actually do anything without a sexual comment. It feels like it’s 24/7… except maybe when he’s sleeping but even then he has to reach over and grab boob or butt on a regular basis,” she continued.

The woman added her husband “constantly” grabs at her body in a sexual manner, even when their kids are around.

“He says he ‘can’t help it. Literally says it’s my fault for having such nice boobs and butt,” she explained, noting that she appreciates that he likes her body “but at the same time I would like a little less of this attention.”

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Even when he’s not touching her, he’s constantly making comments about her body.

“It’s exhausting. I like [that] he’s attracted to me but I don’t like feeling like a piece of meat 24 [hours] a day. I just want a break. When I talk to him about it he says I should ‘feel lucky’ that he wants me this much after this long of marriage. He says he ‘can’t help it’ when I ask him to stop grabbing me when I don’t want him to,” she concluded.

Users in the comments section offered the woman words of encouragement, with many suggesting she have a conversation with her husband.

“Next time he tells you that you should ‘feel lucky,’ answer him, ‘then try making me feel lucky instead of like a piece of meat.’ Then when he grabs you tell him, ‘I love you but not feeling lucky,'” one person wrote.

‘”Lucky’ is the woman whose husband brings her flowers for no reason, gets her favorite type of wine when buying a bottle, will sit together in contented silence or go dancing together when the mood strikes, takes on his share of the physical and mental load of running a home. In short, a thoughtful and considerate man. Being groped by a caveman every time you pass by is not ‘lucky,'” another shared.

“Time for another serious talk with him about how bothered you are by his behavior, and don’t let the ‘can’t help it’ excuses slide,” someone else commented.

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