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WATCH: The Backstreet Boys Perform This Classic in Spanish

The Backstreet Boys gave their fans in Mexico a special surprise during a concert on Saturday night (Feb. 3). The pop group performed one of their classic hits in Spanish.

As part of the 2024 Feria de León, the Backstreet Boys performed a concert at the Foro Mazda in León, Guanajuato. The group includes two Latine members. AJ McLean is of Cuban and Puerto Rican descent, and Howie Dorough is of Puerto Rican descent. In the ’90s, the Backstreet Boys recorded a few of their songs in Spanish as a thank-you to their Mexican and Spanish-speaking fans. They released a music video for “Nunca Te Haré Llorar,” which is a Spanish version of “I’ll Never Break Your Heart.” The Backstreet Boys later dropped the Spanish version of “Anywhere for You” under the title “Donde Quieras Yo Iré.”

The Backstreet Boys got a chance to re-dedicate “Nunca Te Haré Llorar” to their Mexican fans in person. The five members’ voices soared as they belted out the sweet love song in Spanish. Everyone inside the Foro Mazda sang along with the Backstreet Boys. At the halfway point, they seamlessly shifted to “I’ll Never Break Your Heart” during the performance.

The Backstreet Boys were also welcomed to León in a very Mexican way. The guys were happy to receive a Dr. Simi plushie wearing one of the group’s iconic outfits. While holding onto the plushie, Kevin Richardson said, “I know this guy! I know he’s famous. Muy, muy, muy famoso!” He then proceeded to thank the fans for sticking with the band throughout the years.

Starting on Apr. 18, the Backstreet Boys will perform a series of concerts in Cancun. The Backstreet’s Back at the Beach run of shows there will wrap up on Apr. 21. On May 4, fans in the U.S. can see them live at the Lovers & Friends festival in Las Vegas.