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Mexican Man Who Bought $14,000 Cartier Earrings for $14 Claims Victory

Online window shopping for a luxury jewelry brand can often be fruitless, but for a Mexican man perusing the Cartier website last December, it ended in him purchasing two pairs of Cartier earrings at an unprecedented price of $237 MXN pesos — approximately $14 each. 

The earrings are currently priced at $11,600 on the official website and were incorrectly priced at the time when they should’ve been 237,000 pesos (US $13,000). Rogelio Villarreal recounted the full ordeal on X (formerly Twitter), where he posted receipts to corroborate his claims.

On X, he states that shortly after placing his order for the earrings, he received several calls from Cartier to say that they were not available. He says in a tweet that among the calls he received,  “the ambassador of Cartier raised their voice, and I said NO. All matters will be via email so there would be evidence.” 

Cartier continued to press Villarreal to cancel his order, and even sent him an email to confirm the cancellation. As a Mexican national, Villarreal reached out to the Federal Consumer Protection Law in Mexico, which protects consumers under the terms and conditions of a product or service that is purchased. 

On X, users were applauding his sleuthing skills and hoping for a win against the luxury jeweler:

Others felt his actions were in bad taste. 

Yesterday, Villarreal posted on X “War is Over,” stating that Cartier obliged, though under conditions not disclosed. This afternoon, he posted a photo of two Cartier-branded boxes. Hopefully, he does an unboxing.