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Australian Duo Cosmo’s Midnight Get Groovy On New Disco-Inspired “Telephone”

The next single from Australian brother duo Cosmo’s Midnight is here. To celebrate the announcement of their upcoming album STOP THINKING, START FEELING, they treated fans to groovy, disco-inspired “Telephone.”

Filled with shimmery keys and a disco beat, “Telephone” fuses nostalgic influences with modern ones. Although the funky strums of guitar give this song its retro vibe, the swirling washes of synth help land “Telephone” squarely in 2024. While the opening notes of the song are filled with a sense of yearning, by the time the drop on the chorus comes in, the song transforms into a fun, dancefloor-ready anthem.

Here’s what the brothers had to say about the creation of their new song:

We wrote ‘Telephone’ after coming back from tour in America. I (Pat) met my partner during covid, so we had pretty much been glued together until the world opened up and I went overseas for a tour. The sudden distance and difficulty communicating got me down and this song was a kind of catharsis about being homesick and missing the connection with loved ones.  The vocals glide over an angry and funky 303 acid bass and chunky drums. We really wanted to have this track open the album and set the tone for ‘Stop Thinking, Start Feeling’. Shungudzo helped with writing the vocals, it’s so effortless working together.  I feel like she’s able to extract exactly what I’m feeling without even asking, a lyrical muse.”

Their new album is out May 24th. Until then, make sure to give “Telephone” a listen below. Enjoy!

Cosmos’s Midnight – Telephone

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