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WATCH: ‘Disneyland Karen’ Goes Viral for Racist Comments Towards Family Speaking Spanish

An Instagram video of a white woman making racist comments towards a Latina woman and her young son at Disneyland has gone viral. The altercation took place in a restroom at the popular California park.

“I’m at Disneyland and this person just heard me speaking Spanish and she said, ‘Great, you’re a f*cking Mexican, right?’ Repeat what you just said,” Eva Ramirez, who posted the video on her Instagram, is heard saying in the video. “You have a problem with people that speak Spanish in your country, right?” she asks the woman.

“Yeah, but it’s America. It’s America,” the woman shoots back, as if that explains anything. She has been allegedly identified across social media as Lexi Powell, from Barstow, California. “You don’t speak Spanish in America. It’s an English-speaking country.”  

The United States of America has no official language.

“Your comment is racist, and it has nothing to do with using the restroom,” Ramirez tells her, but the woman – like most Karens, is beyond reason. 

“I don’t care. I hate Mexicans, it’s true. There it is,” Powell says in the video, showcasing not just her racism, but the unapologetic nature of it. Ramirez, who goes out of her way to explain to Powell that not all people who speak Spanish are Mexicans, also said in her post that the reason she’s sharing the video is because, with people like Powell “you can’t educate, you can’t inform, you can only expose them.”

Powell’s social media accounts have gone private since Ramirez’s video went viral.

“I’m sharing this because racism starts at home,” Ramirez also said. And hopefully, the more people see things like this, the more they can also make the conscious choice to be better. If nothing else, at least so they aren’t the next Karen going viral.