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WATCH: Ben Affleck Freestyles for Ice Spice in New Commercial — & It’s Cringe

Ice Spice has been everywhere lately – on TikTok, where her song “Munch (Feeling’ U)” achieved viral popularity, on stage with Taylor Swift, singing “Barbie World” with Nicki Minaj. And yet, we still didn’t expect to see the rapper on a Dunkin’ (formerly Dunkin Donuts) commercial alongside Ben Affleck. But here were are, with the commercial introducing the Ice Spice Munchkins drink, available starting September 13th.

In the commercial, Affleck is looking for new ways to connect with customers so he brings in Ice Spice. What follows is him freestyling while she looks at him in disbelief before covering her face and cringing. Obviously, it’s a bit, but Ice Spice’s reaction feels like how we would react if someone started freestyling while we were known for freestyling. So it works.

This is not the first time Affleck has appeared in a Dunkin’ commercial. Earlier this year the actor joined wife Jennifer Lopez for an ad that aired during the Super Bowl. For Ice Spice, however, it is the first time, and the drink Dunkin’ is introducing in her honor is pretty on-brand for the singer and her fans, who call themselves Munchkins. 

If Ice Spice is in the news today, it won’t just be because of what looks to be an admittedly delicious drink. At this year’s VMAs, which aired September 12th, she took home the award for Best New Artist, and in her speech, she thanked her fans first: “I just want to thank my Munchkins, I love you guys so much.”

The big night also included the rapper hanging out with the big winner of the night Taylor Swift, whom she referred to as a “big sister.” All in all, a pretty great first VMAs for Ice Spice, and pretty fun for her fans that now they can just head over to Dunkin’ and order a drink that celebrates her and them as well.

Watch the commercial with Ice Spice and Ben Affleck for Dunkin’ below.