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WATCH: Belinda Goes Corridos Coquette With Natanael Cano in ‘300 Noches’

Belinda’s first corrido coquette is finally here. Last night (April 26), the Spanish-Mexican pop star released the music video for her new single “300 Noches” featuring Natanael Cano.

After going a few years without a record label, Belinda signed with Warner Music last August. In January, she officially kicked off a new era in her music career with “Cactus.” In the corrido with a pop twist, Belinda appeared to open up about her past relationship with Mexican singer Christian Nodal. In the lyrics, she talked about an ex-lover covering up their tattoo of her eyes like Nodal later did.

Now Belinda is putting her own coquette spin on corridos tumbados. She teamed up with one of the genre’s pioneers, Cano, for the dreamy “300 Noches.” Belinda was inspired to incorporate piano into the mix after hearing Sleeping at Last’s song “Turning Page.” While the song sounds like a softer take on corridos, Cano’s fiery feature brings some tumbados authenticity to it. Belinda and Cano commiserate about a relationship that has run its course in the spellbinding coquette corrido. 

“I loved being able to collaborate with Beli for this song,” Cano shared in a statement. “I’m a fan of hers, and I’m excited to see more female artists raising the flag of corridos tumbados. Belinda put her ‘coquette’ touch on it and it was magical.”

Belinda could be singing about her time with Nodal again in “300 Noches.” One fan on X pointed out the lyric, “It wasn’t because of me that this didn’t work out / It was because you f*cked it up.” This time, there are no visual clues like we saw on the “Cactus” music video. The “300 Noches” video features Belinda and Cano caught up in a dark dimension that reflects their rocky relationship from the song.  

In February, Belinda was spotted in the recording studio with Peso Pluma’s cousin and co-writer Tito Doble P. Last month, she collaborated with Spanish pop icon Enrique Iglesias on the song “Llórame Un Río.”

Check out “300 Noches” below.