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Did Belinda Scrap Collaboration With Marca Registrada? Here’s What Fans Think Happened

Amidst her comeback to music, Spanish-Mexican pop star Belinda has been on a música mexicana journey, collaborating with different artists in that scene, including one with Marca Registrada. However, the Mexican ensemble recently revealed that their collaboration was scrapped, and Belinda fans believe a joke about her ex had something to do with it.

After signing with Warner Music last year, Belinda has returned to music with full force. In January, she released her comeback single, “Cactus.” The music video and lyrics alluded to her past relationship with Mexican singer Christian Nodal. She sang about Nodal’s chest tattoo of her eyes, which he covered up after their split. Last month, Belinda released her follow-up single, “300 Noches,” featuring corridos tumbados pioneer Natanael Cano.

Back in February, Marca Registrada teased their collaboration with Belinda. The song was rumored to be titled “Torai” and was an EDM track. Instead of announcing a release date for the song, the band revealed that Belinda decided to part ways with them. In a post on TikTok, Fidel Oswaldo Castro, the lead singer of the band, added that Mexican pop star Kenia Os also declined to jump on the track.

“We’re going to call this song the orphan jaja,” Castro wrote. “No Belinda nor Kenia [Os]. This song will come out with only Marca Registrada on it.”

Following the news of Belinda scrapping the collaboration with Marca Registrada, her fans pointed out an interview Castro gave as a possible reason. Towards the end of February, TikTok user @miguelinrisa asked Castro if he would get a tattoo after working with Belinda. It has become a running joke that all of Belinda’s exes get a tattoo of her during the relationship. In response, Castro alluded to her ex-fiancé Nodal and his tattoo of her eyes. “No, here we are anti-eye tattoos,” Castro joked. “We don’t have that kind of money to spend.” The latter comment refers to Nodal’s past claims that he supported her family financially. 

Belinda has yet to comment why she decided not to release the song with Marca Registrada. However, she continues to work on new music. She was spotted in the recording studio with Peso Pluma’s cousin and co-writer Tito Doble P earlier this year.