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Bridesmaid Kicked Out of Wedding for Wearing ‘Revealing’ Dress

A woman on Reddit says she was forced to remove a bridesmaid from her wedding after the friend showed up in an inappropriate and “revealing” bridesmaid dress against her wishes.

The bride grew up “living with my parents and extended family quite religiously and dressed modestly as my family was very strict and traditional”

“While I don’t agree with most of their ideas, I do follow them to avoid arguments. My parents don’t share the same ideas and are less religious and have always supported me, but do ask me to respect our extended family’s policies on dressing and culture,” the bride explained.

“[My friend] Ava is a very passionate feminist and I know she wouldn’t agree with some of my family’s policies, which is why before the wedding I told her to please not say anything at the wedding and if it upsets her she can always stay closer to our group of friends,” she continued on Reddit.

Ava agreed to be on her best behavior and insisted she would do nothing but “support” the bride at her wedding.

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“I picked peach as a dress color for all my bridesmaids and told them to pick the style they felt comfortable in, as I didn’t specify a particular dress or shade of peach and gave them all 4 months’ notice. I only asked for the dress to be modest as my wedding would include some of my extended family,” she recalled.

Ava informed the bride that she was “getting her dress custom made” and never showed her a picture of it beforehand.

“At the wedding, she comes in wearing a very tight, revealing peach dress. My [mother-in-law] said she would handle it and kicked her out. Ava has said that the dress was her way of expressing herself,” the bride detailed.

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Reddit users in the comments section rallied behind the newlywed, with many slamming the bridesmaid for not adhering to her rules.

“Someone else’s wedding is not the time or place to make a statement ‘expressing yourself,'” one person wrote.

“You asked her not to do something, she did it anyway, and created a bit of a sideshow on a day that’s supposed to be all about you and your new husband. I get that she might disagree with your religious extended family. I get that she considers her fashion her way of ‘expressing herself.’ There is a time and a place for that, and that wasn’t one of them. If she couldn’t respect your wishes and your guidance for the event, she shouldn’t have come at all. And if she really was your friend, she would have realized all of those things,” another chimed in.

“Your friend knew exactly what she was doing when her excuse was ‘this is my way of expressing myself.’ You asked for modesty. Doesn’t take a genius to figure out what modesty means. Your wedding, your rules,” someone else commented.

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