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Véyah Unveils The Sublime New Single Titled “h8 u”

Véyah is back doing what she does best; imagine, create and record the most sublime music that possibly exists in the world. The 18 year old vocal prodigy just unveiled a new single titled “h8 u,” and it’s magnificent. Hardly describable with mere words, the young artists’ new single showcases her stunning vocal gift but also her vision for music, a crossover style set to appeal to the masses. 

The singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist was born in Hyderabad India but raised in New York City since the 1. Like so many others, her parents moved to the US in search of a better life for themselves and their family and thanks to this, she embodies an incredible mix of cultures. She grew up influenced by Drake or Adele but also by Indian Classical or South Indian Film Classics. Her own sound is Soulful and sincere and carries within it all of who she is, evident in the soulful-pop single “Almost” and her new single “h8 u,” which is reminiscent of early Timbaland and JT with slick, but dirty drums and very subtle cultural flavor. 

Véyah blew up on Tiktok in 2021 and caught the eye of Cultural Icon and Pop Star, Jay Sean, and his long-time team, The Heavy Group.

With the new soulful single “h8 u,” Véyah is about to strengthen her ascension to the very top of the music charts, so make sure to closely follow the development of her extraordinary music career in the coming weeks and months. 

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