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5 Must-Follow NFT Pages On Instagram

If you think NFTs are taking over the world then you’re absolutely right! Since the day they became publicly available, NFTs have become the latest trend with singers, musicians, writers, painters and digital artists coining their non-fungible tokens and letting the crowds go wild. 

To help you follow NFT-related news, remain educated or gain more knowledge about the tokens, and avoid having to dig through an avalanche of information out there, we have prepared a guide of five instagram pages that are on the forefront of the market. These are sources you can follow and get bite-sized information that you will find interesting. 

#5 NFT Magazine

With over 200K followers, NFT Magazine shares incredible art along with the most recent and popular news about tokens, especially accentuating digital artwork and paintings. 

#4 NFT Art Studio

NFT Art Studio is a great place to promote one’s art. Whether you are a creator yourself or just someone who admires the beauty of digital art, this is the perfect page to check out other people’s work or even promote your own 

#3 NFT Mentor

This is a very popular and highly educational page that allows its followers to see the most important news pertaining to NFTs without necessarily leaning towards one industry or the other. Film, gaming, music, art and so much more have found their expressions in the non-fungible token form and NFT Mentor teaches you about all of it.

#2 NFT Source

One of the very best, NFT Source is also a great page to get your news and more information on NFTs that concern every cultural aspect beginning with politics and music all the way to motivational speakers and fashion brands. 

#1 Sweet+Sour

The SweetnSour magazine is a delight to follow. Their content is always fresh, well-written and on point. It focuses mainly on music NFTs but you really get an overview of the most recent and significant news of the NFT world. If you’re an artist or creator, you can promote your work on SweetnSour, too!

These are our top five Instagram pages to follow for NFT-related information daily! We hope you found this article helpful.