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These Are the Best #MakeItVogue TikToks

Earlier this month, Vogue invited TikTok to #MakeItVogue. In our first TikTok, international editor-at-large Hamish Bowles showed users on the app how to create a makeshift bustle at home (the bustle is a historical garment consisting of a pad or frame worn underneath a skirt, causing it to puff out from behind.) The rules of #MakeItVogue were simple: simply duet our TikTok with the original audio, and create your very own bustle at home, using the hashtag. Unsurprisingly, TikTok didn’t disappoint.

Throughout the month, TikTok creators took on the #MakeItVogue proposal and posted different, creative ways to create an at-home bustle—using pillows, bedsheets, and parasols to make a 20th century version of a 19th century walking dress. TikTok stars such as Emma Chamberlain, Jasmine Chiswell (the Marilyn Monroe of TikTok), and singer-actor China Anne McClain partook in the trend. But it wasn’t just celebrities who dared to try the look: TikTok pros and newcomers alike also got in on the action. One user gave it a ballerina twist, while others stayed true to the original Victorian feel

Even in 2020, the bustle went viral. We’ve compiled some of the very best posts for your viewing pleasure. 

Below, some of the best #MakeItVogue TikTok posts.