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No Occasion, No Problem—Shop Our Favorite Statement-Making Gloves

Photo: Courtesy Fendi

The concept of spending everyday wearing loungewear was fun for a moment, but now there’s a yearning to dress up a bit, even if there’s still nowhere to go. Designers are responding to this by taking the most mundane wardrobe staples like the sock and transforming them into eye-catching, joy-sparking pieces. Another wardrobe essential that now has a bit more panache is the classic glove. Typically reserved for chilly winter days, designers houses like Prada, Acne, and Meryll Rogge are telling us gloves don’t need to be all that functional—they can add a bit of excitement to any look and can be worn well into spring, thanks to cut-out designs and delicate mesh fabrics.

Prada’s latest collection proved that the exuberance and glamour of an elbow-length glove doesn’t have to be reserved for the ballroom floor or a night at the opera. In fact, they look just as chic with a chunky knit sweater. Emerging labels like Auné are also having fun reinterpreting the glove. One of their trompe l’oeil printed pairs is designed to be wrapped around the neck like a scarf—Paloma Elsesser demonstrated how fun they were to wear in the first season of Good Morning Vogue.

Over the weekend, Solange turned a moment by the pool into a photo-worthy opt with a dramatic pair, that featured space-agey discs that slinked up her arm. Turns out, a bikini is as good of an outfit as any for statement gloves.

The accessory is here to brighten up any day. Slip on a fire engine red pair with some comfortable jeans for an easy way to partake in the playful moment or mix and match patterns—a vibrant printed top with a graphic glove. Ahead, you’ll find 15 pairs of joyous gloves which are sure to make the best kind of statement.