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Sofía Vergara Claps Back at Rude Interviewer — Here’s What Happened

Sofía Vergara knows how to defend herself. The Colombian actress, better known for playing Gloria Pritchett in Modern Family for 11 seasons, and who will next star in Netflix’s Griselda probably didn’t expect to have to do that in an interview promoting her latest project. But that’s exactly what happened when she was interviewed by the show El Hormiguero, from Spanish channel Antena 3.

During the conversation host Pablo Motos made several comments about Vergara that she parried right back, with the ease of someone who knows how to handle hard or rude questions. Motos is somewhat renowned for the tone of the show, which is mostly jokey – in a way some people consider in bad taste.

Among the testy moments in the interview with Vergara was one where Motos seemed to be making fun of the actress’ pronunciation of the show Modern Family. It all starts as Motos interrupts Vergara and asks her “How do you say Modern Family?”

“Did I say it wrong?” Vergara asks. “Oh, because you speak better English than me?” and to Motos’ positive answer, she pushes back saying: “How many Emmy nominations do you have in the United States, sorry? How many times were you nominated for the Golden Globes, sorry? When were you nominated for the SAG Award, sorry?”

Vergara also pushed back to Motos questioning her about her hair color. “Now I’m blonde or do you see me with black hair?” Vergara answers, to which Motos continues by asking her if she dyed it or if it’s natural.

“It’s mine,” Vergara tells him, and to a photo of her younger self, she says “there [in the photo] I was 20 years old, now I’m 51. I mean, what do you want? Or did hair come out like that on you?” she asks as she points to Motos’ gray hair.

The videos of the interview interaction between Sofía Vergara and Pablo Motos have reportedly been copyright claimed and removed left and right.