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Slowthai Is All but ‘Cancelled, Mosa Takes Us To ‘Heartbreak University’ & More in New Music

This is a weekly compilation of bite-sized song & EP reviews from our music writers. Discover new favs, read nuanced criticism of the week’s hottest releases & more.

“A Ginga do Nêgo” – Jadsa

Jadsa is another artist from a seemingly never-ending wave of talented artists born and raised in the state of Bahia, Brazil. Taxidermia, her last EP, was one of the most interesting releases of 2020’s Brazilian music. The bar was set high, and yet she seems to be up to it in her upcoming album Olho de Vidro. “A Ginga do Nêgo” pivots from spoken-word to concrete poetry on a broken-tempo, syncopated jazzy backbone. It is a spaced out puzzle shaped  with a theatrical sound, an echo and an homage to legendary craftsmen of Brazilian music like Itamar Assumpção and As Orquídeas do Brasil. —Felipe Maia

“OOZ” – Peach Tree Rascals

Meteoric LA crew Peach Tree Rascals have been biding their time since hitting the scene in 2018, dropping a steady stream of gauzy, effervescent singles that have gained millions of plays and fans worldwide. The band now extends a formal invitation into their groovy sonic universe with “OOZ,” the first taste of their upcoming debut EP Camp Nowhere; a slow-burning anthem to romantic tug-of-warring and tongue-tied emotions that crescendo into euphoric choruses and orchestral bedlam. —Richard Villegas

“Gems” – Sofia Valdes

Navigating the pendulum of emotions that come with blossoming early love, soulful Panamanian singer Sofia Valdes dances around all the what-ifs of finding love on “Gems.” One of six songs from her alluring debut EP Ventura, the single refreshingly modernizes the classic sounds of bossa nova with her artistry of guitar-driven soul-pop. The track is an uplifting reminder to not let tribulations or hesitation stop you from reveling in good love and all the possibility it can bring. —Jeanette Diaz

“Cancelled” – slowthai

Controversial and cocksure 26-year-old Slowthai is assured of his immunity to cancel culture in his sophomore album’s standout track “Cancelled.” The song features British rapper Skepta, who adds an extra catchy layer to the jawn. At the top of the video, between silly ruckus and a twisted spin on the already twisted cultural staple American Psycho, Tyron refers to himself in third person to call this track “his undisputed masterpiece.” I think he’s still got something better unthawing under his sleeve, but to each his own. —Ecleen Luzmila Caraballo

“Axi90” (Remix) – Don Miguelo, Pablo Piddy, Vakero, Haraca Kiko and Shadow Blow

The Dominican movement continues to generate multi-artist tracks, this time Shadow Blow’s “Axi90” is refreshed with a remix that brings on veterans and la Nueva escuela. Opening with a sharp verse by Don Miguelo, followed by a nostalgic dembow machuqueo transition to highlight rapper Pablo Piddy’s beastly verse as well as melodic vocals, ad-libs, and bars by Haraca Kiko, Shadow, Vakero; the assorted remix is a playful number that re-introduces director Crea Fama Inc, for a colorful fresh take on the visuals. —Jennifer Mota

“Na Viela” – Amor Satyr ft MC Buzzz and T9 RJ

Amor Satyr’s new single is a global dancefloor track fit for 2021’s omni-screened world. The track spans from Brazilian alleys and European clubs, SoundCloud channels and netlabels—in this case, the French collective Promesses. Aside from their taste for raw electronic rhythmics, all of the artists on the track call Brazil home. The result is a muddy, cyber baile funk track delivered by the Paris-based producer, sliced by Buzz’s mumble rapping, and finished off by T9 fierce bars. —Felipe Maia

“Ey!” – Cholula Dans Division

Mexico’s Cholula Dans Division has displayed a great range of sounds in their short time together, spanning from downtempo to acid-tinged rave showstoppers while maintaining their sampladelic approach intact. Not so much with “Ey!,” which finds the duo zeroing-in on a mostly-live sound that is equal parts dayglo turn-of-the-millennium electroclash and minimalist synthpop. “Ey!” is an uplifting track that is easy to love and can get you through any dark day. —Marcos Hassan

“Heartbreak University” – Mosa

Dominican-American Boston-native, Mosa, dropped “Heartbreak University,” a melodic R&B and hip-hop hybrid with production by the legendary Mike Dean. The young rapper has received praise from artists such as Nicky Jam, Drake, Farina and Karol G. Capturing the attention of the tastemaker who discovered Drake, Jaz Prince, Mosa, is currently being developed and releases the project through Prince’s Young Empire Music Group. The 13-track project is emblematic of the transition from being in love to navigating life without it, and is a look into Mosa’s thoughts on overcoming loss, heartbreak and being in love. —Jennifer Mota

“Natural Flava” – Ce Qei

Sometimes you just need to get something off your chest, especially when that in your head can feel extremely overwhelming; Dominican rapper Ce Qei takes the opportunity to really get sh*t out of his system on “Natural Flava,” and does so in a particularly skillful manner. Riding a hooky lo-fi beat, Ce Qei lets loose on a stream-of-consciousness laundry list of troubles that clouds his mind, artfully wrapping it neatly into a three-minute song. Stay for the post-credits chopped-and-screwed coda, it’s well worth your while. —Marcos Hassan

“Nacho’s” – Harmless

L.A.-based artist Harmless, a.k.a. Nacho Cano, is tired of being alone during the pandemic, so he’s throwing a house party for himself on his new single “Nacho’s.” On the tender house-inspired track, Cano is going through the collective heartbreak of not being able to be near his loved ones and just spending too much time by himself, so he tries dancing the pain away but he knows the only antidote is love. —Cheky

“Camarones y Viniles” – Rawayana

Pandemic life has us missing a life once known. Venezuelan artist collective, Rawayana, have transformed this sentiment into a song with their latest single “Camarones y Viniles.” Taking on a satirical love song narrative, the psychedelic-infused indie-pop track, produced by Cheo Pardo (former member of Los Amigos Invisibles), is a tongue-in-cheek play inspired by hipster culture and longing for the cliché. —Jeanette Diaz

“Vem Meu Amor” – Zuzuka Poderosa & Au Contraire 

For 20 years now, Brazilian MC Zuzuka Poderosa has been pushing the envelope of baile funk, and on her new single, produced by NYC’s Au Contraire, she gives it more of a tender spin. Dropped just in time for Valentine’s Day, “Vem Meu Amor” blends romance, sex, and dancefloor fun. Zuzuka Poderosa can’t stop thinking about a love interest and what they could be doing under the sheets, and Au Contraire takes that energy and turns it into a club jam that simply slaps. —Cheky

“Macho Camacho” – Juanny Depp 

Bay Area DJ and producer Juanny Depp has unveiled a brand new album titled Deseos; it harnesses years of perreo-club collisions with the Amor Digital collective into a hedonistic collection of late night bangers. Lead single “Macho Camacho” finds inspiration in Puerto Rican boxer Hector Camacho, adorning hypnotic dembow high hats with mambo horn samples, interview soundbites and the faintest hint of deep house synths. —Richard Villegas