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Reddit Torn: Should Homeowners Allow Contractors to Use Bathroom?

A man on Reddit shared that he and his wife are in disagreement on whether or not to allow construction workers in their home to use the bathroom.

“We have contractors coming to do some retaining walls on our property which will take around two weeks. My wife and I will be at work while they are here and my wife basically refuses to let anyone inside the house while we aren’t home,” the man wrote.

He noted that he understands where she is coming from, but he feels “like it will be a huge inconvenience” for the workers, as well as a “waste of time” for them to drive to a public toilet.

The man added that he would rather just “leave the house open for them.”

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Reddit users’ opinions were split in the comments section, with many suggesting the homeowners accommodate the workers, while others argued it isn’t their responsibility.

“I give my builder a key, tell them to use the loo, put food in the fridge, here’s the coffee, etc. Then I bugger off to work to pay for it, and in return, they are awesome,” one person wrote.

“Contractor should provide a porta loo for their employees. Should have been asked at the time of quote. Then it would not have been a worry. Could just call them to ask,” someone else suggested.

“In my current role as a meter reader, my body quickly learned that there was no access to toilets and now clears the pipes before I leave for work. It’s very easy to find somewhere to pee. They should have their own solutions by now. If I was home all day, I welcome tradesmen into my house, but if I’m out, it stays locked,” another commented.

“Do not leave your house unlocked. I am a tradie and it is extremely bad manners to use the clients toilets. The boss should organize an on-site toilet or they can either drive to the public toilets or wait until they get home. And if you don’t go inside, you can’t be blamed if things get broken or go missing,” someone else shared.

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