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PREMIERE: Rival Releases Their Highly-Anticipated Album, Entitled Down The Rabbit Hole

Today, Rival, Montreal based hard-rock band, Rival, released their newest album entitled, Down The Rabbit Hole. The album shows Rival’s ability to groove, experiment, stomp, get funky, get melodic and atmospheric, as they create this wonderful masterpiece. 

A tribute to all the struggles and experiences they’ve gone through in the past 6 years, Down The Rabbit Hole, takes listeners on a journey to self-discovery. The band spent countless hours in the studio, crafting all of their frustrations, celebrations, growth, and success. 

The album describes its gatherings, supports, sympathizes, and rises above it all. The degree and vitality of this collection are huge and ought to be played as boisterously as can be. This is the first time the band has linked with a foreign producer and engineer, Matt Nozetz at Avbury Studios and produced the 10 tracked album with all their original music. The results of this unity have authentically been captivating and maybe the most brilliant release for Rival to this day.

In 2013, when the band was assembled, Rival began to wow crowds in many different clubs and bars as they began to make up Montreal’s rock scene. They are the epitome of hard-rock and expand the horizon of their imagination. The wondrous attribute of Rival is that previously, they generated a brilliant album in a small jam room where McGyverish tricks and an upended couch as a vocal booth got the job done. 

When they look back at where they came from, their endless hard work, strength, dedication, and passion have led them to produce their latest masterpiece, Down The Rabbit Hole. 

Rival’s bandmates include Jeremy Helten on guitar and vocals, Matt Baker on guitar, Mike Chretien on drums, and Corrado Johnston on bass. The band is a fusion of Rush’s introspectiveness with the guitar stylings of Metallica and a Tool-esque ability to employ rhythm with the party anthems of ACDC. If you mix these two together you will have the brilliancy of Rival.