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PETA Blasts Bad Bunny for Riding a Real Horse on Tour – Here’s What They Said

Bad Bunny’s Most Wanted Tour kicked off last week. Social media users were surprised about not only the trap-heavy setlist but also seeing Benito riding a real horse during the show’s second half. But now, PETA is joining the conversation.

Part of the event’s spectacle is when Benito comes out riding a horse while wearing a royal blue western outfit with fringes and embroidery. The decision to include a real horse ruffled some feathers online. Calling it an “irresponsible act,” PETA blasted the Puerto Rican icon to reconsider the idea of having an animal as part of the show. 

“@Bad Bunny, why did you think it was a good idea to expose a horse to the noise, lights, fog and screams of thousands of people? The horse looks stressed and clearly DOESN’T WANT TO BE THERE. Please, do not include animals in your shows. They want to live in peace, and not be used for your spectacle.”

In the same statement, the animal rights nonprofit organization also wrote: “Bad Bunny: using a horse as a prop for your tour is cruel and irresponsible. The horse, the fans, or you could’ve been hurt!” 

Social media users are weighing in on PETA’s discourse, especially via PETA Latino. “For decades some singers perform their concerts on horseback and you don’t say anything,” a social media user wrote online with a photo of Mexican icon Pepe Aguilar on a horse. “[Bad Bunny] only made an entrance and you are already crucifying him?… By the way, what about the bullfighters?”

Another X user commented: “Also cancel Pepe Aguilar and all the Mexicans who enter on horses [during] their famous shows in Palenques. Ridiculous.” Palenques often involve horseback riding in a ring-like arena for entertainment.

As of now, Benito’s show still includes a horse during his show and has not spoken out about PETA’s call out. The Most Wanted Tour continues tomorrow (Feb. 27) at the Footprint Center in Phoenix, AZ.