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Peso Pluma Debuts Custom Grills with 200 Diamonds — See Them Here

If there is anything shining brighter than Peso Pluma’s ascending musical career, it’s his new diamond-encrusted smile that’s taking center stage. 

Specially designed by Mexican jeweler Braggao, and installed by Guadalajaran dentist Dr. Raúl Pérez, Peso Pluma’s custom-fitted grills debuted on the jeweler’s Instagram account last week (June 21).

The custom grills are made out of 10-karat gold and white gold, replete with around 200 diamonds encrusted over the grills. Accompanying the glitzy diamonds are six red hearts, a design that was exclusively chosen by Peso Pluma. 

“We sent him all the options for designs. There were 4-5 different styles. In the end, he chose the 6 hearts, which is what was made.” Said Dr. Pérez in a Primer Impacto segment for Univision that aired on Tuesday (June 27).

The price for designing a custom, diamond-encrusted grill for one of the fastest-growing stars in music? Approximately $50,000.

In a video posted by Braggao in collaboration with Dr. Raul Perez, the design and grill production process can be witnessed. From the artist’s hand-illustrated design to the final reveal by Peso Pluma in a dentist chair, the result is quite literally, flashy.

This isn’t the first time Peso Pluma has taken his love of luxury to dental frontiers. He has a two-year history of working with Dr. Perez on aesthetic dental transformations, and just this past April, Dr. Pérez shared that he was the dentist behind the two diamonds that appeared on his upper front teeth. 

“The most famous smile in music,” says Dr. Perez’ Instagram caption accompanying the video. 

But you won’t see Peso Pluma performing in these luxurious grills. Instead, catch a glimpse of his blinged-out smile in interviews, photos, and special occasions in between his Doble P tour, seen most recently on Tuesday (June 27) at his pit stop in Miami with friends.