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Paulo Londra Is a Basketball Player Working His Way Off Sidelines in ‘Plan A’ Video

The Argentinean artist Paulo Londra recently partnered with Warner Music Latina, ending a complicated chapter in his career that kept him from releasing new music. Now, he’s fully back with “Plan A,” his first single in two years and a song that marks an exciting era for him.

“Plan A” starts off sounding like a breakup ballad as Londra sings about wanting to get clarity in a relationship. Then, a dramatic drum beat kicks in and the chorus gets a boost from amped-up guitars, adding some intensity to the track and establishing a different sound for Londra, who heavily embedded in Argentina’s Latin trap scene. He’s branched out over time, previously collaborating with artists such as Ed Sheeran and Becky G. The video, shot by Ballve, alludes to the challenges Londra has faced recently, with him playing the role of a basketball player who’s stuck on the sidelines until he gets to prove himself at the very end.

Londra teased the new song on social media on Monday, tweeting about how grateful he was to the people who supported him. “After three years, in two days, I’m back with a song called ‘Plan A,’” he wrote. “I want to thank my parents, my family, and all those who continued to listen to me through the bad times, because the good times are coming.”

Londra’s debut album Homerun came out in 2019.