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Miss Argentina 2023 in Middle of Controversy Due to Her Heritage

Controversy continues to swirl around the candidates for the next Miss Universe, which is set to take place on November 18th in El Salvador. After Miss Colombia candidate Lina María Hurtado opened up about trying to lighten her skin. Miss Dominican Republic pushed back against criticisms regarding her Spanish. Now it’s time for Miss Argentina’s Yamile Dajud to be at the center of a controversy.

Dajud was born in Argentina to Colombian parents and has lived in Colombia since she was 11. The 27-year-old has previously participated in the National Beauty Contest in Colombia as Señorita Sucre and has spoken before about her Colombian heritage. Nonetheless, she’s Argentinian, and as such, could participate in the Miss Argentina contest too. 

Her win, however, has left fans conflicted as to whether she is Argentinian ‘enough,’ especially due to her previously being adamant that being Colombian ran through her blood and her participation in Colombian pageants.

Most comments on social media seemed to basically ignore Dajud’s Argentinian roots, treating her as a foreigner and even making jokes about how Miss Universe would have two Colombians in this year’s contest. 

But there were also comments in support, especially under a joint post between Dajud and Miss Universe. Some people were pointing out that Argentinians are quick to claim celebrities like Anya Taylor-Joy but ignore Dajud, who also lived in Argentina growing. The difference between Dajud and Taylor-Joy is that “she went to Colombia and not to a European country.”

And then there were some comments asking for reflection, especially within the Argentinian community. Because Dajud was born in Argentina and we have to think about “how bad she must feel that the nation she was born in is throwing hate her way and not support.”

The questions of identity are certainly tricky, and having fans tell you that you aren’t “enough,” even though you were born in Argentina has to be very hard to hear for Dajud, who has spoken on Instagram about her great love for Argentina.

But she seems to be brushing off the controversy as she gets ready to represent her home country on one of the biggest stages in the world, especially after posting on Instagram, “Buenos Aires, within your streets my history is written.”

Whether she wins the Miss Universe Pageant or not, Yamile Dajud is Miss Argentina, and that part no one can take away from her.