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MATT BARRI releases 5 track debut EP ‘The Only Way Out Is Up’

Matt Barri just spent a year in the studio meticulously crafting and curating a distinctive electro-emo sound. The culmination of which is “The Only Way Out Is Up,” original rolled out track by track to allow his fans to digest his unique fusion of genres one wildly original single at a time. Yet, when experienced in its entirety – especially with the inclusion of the previously unrevealed title track – the depth of Matt’s ingenuity becomes evident. Every song, penned and vocalized by him, offers an immersive experience, establishing him as a multifaceted talent in the EDM world. The EP sets the tone with the fan-loved “Everything To Me,” characterized by its resonant drums and riveting synths complementing the emotive vocals. It’s followed by tracks like “You Are Here,” which dives deeper into buoyant future bass vibes, and “I’m In Space While You’re Worlds Apart,” reflecting introspective undertones. “Orbiter” rejuvenates with its upbeat ambiance, while the instrumental title track epitomizes Matt’s unique style.