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Man Ditching Dad’s Wedding to Mistress to Go on Vacation With Mom

A young man received support on Reddit after declaring that he is skipping his adulterous dad’s wedding to his mistress to instead go on vacation abroad with his mom.

He explained his parents were “high school sweethearts” and that his mom always supported his dad, sometimes working “double shifts” to help him achieve his goals of starting a business.

“She never splurged on luxury goods and even after my dad started his successful business, my mom saved and encouraged him to invest more in his business. And how does my lovely dad decide to thank her? He f—s a woman who is only a year older than I am,” the man wrote via Reddit.

His parents have been divorced for three years now, and his dad “publicly started dating his mistress without any shame” following their split.

“My siblings have a sort of strained relationship with him, I never talk to him after the divorce. I hate to acknowledge his existence and hate it even more that he seems to think he did nothing wrong. He is getting married to his mistress in 10 days,” he continued.

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Since he “can tell mom is still hurt by the divorce,” he is planning to take a trip with her to Romania, where her parents were born.

Romania is also where his mom always wanted his dad to take her, but he was “too busy cheating on her” to take her.

“I also wanted to go with her because I need an excuse to avoid the wedding altogether. My siblings told me if I don’t attend the wedding, they wouldn’t as well. My dad has been on my neck and trying guilt trip me into attending his wedding,” he detailed, adding that some relatives have said he would be “disrespecting” his father by not attending the wedding.

“I don’t think he deserves an ounce of respect from me. Plus I am pretty sure their marriage wouldn’t last more than 2 years considering how much she spends just to show off. I’d rather be with my mom,” he concluded.

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Users in the comments section rallied behind the man, with many suggesting he enjoy the vacation with his mom.

“Support your mom. Go to Romania. You are right, your dad doesn’t deserve much respect, at least right now. Marrying someone essentially the same age as his kid should have consequences,” one person wrote.

Another chimed in, “Respect is earned, and your ‘father’ doesn’t deserve your respect.. a wedding invitation is not a summons, and you have every right to say no. Good for you for supporting your mum during this.. perhaps after your vacation, you and all your siblings could do something together with your mum as well?”

“Go with your mom. You don’t need to go to this farce of a wedding. Also, these are two people who will never be able to trust each other due to their relationship starting out as cheating. Lol. Ps. When your mom finds a boyfriend, just watch, your dad is going to be so upset and he will try to contact her. It’s in the manual,” another person scoffed.

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