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Lux Pascal Opens Up About Her Brother Pedro Pascal — Here’s What She Told Us

Having a famous sibling can be a complicated thing. But for Lux Pascal, who Remezcla had a chance to talk to last month, there’s a balance between wanting to stand out for her own merits, and being able to talk about her brother and spend time with him.

The actress and activist, who accompanied her brother to the Primetime Emmy Awards ceremony, which took place January 15th, shared with us that she doesn’t get annoyed when people ask about him, because “I love my brother, and every chance I get to talk about him is always delightful because we don’t live close enough. So, it’s always a good reminder that he’s there with me. He’s here with me. So, it’s okay.”

Pedro Pascal, who was nominated for his role as Joel in The Last of Us, walked away from the Emmys ceremony without a trophy, but he did get to spend time with his sister, who in our conversation focused on the new kind of male role models the Latine community is and should be looking up to.

“I think that male identity today is in a crisis,” she told us. “I don’t think anybody could disagree on that, on any side of the political spectrum.” And though she didn’t claim to have all the answers, when we pointed out her brother Pedro was an example of that positive role model we discussed, Lux Pascal was very much in agreement.

“There’s so much structure in the male world that we don’t really pay attention to,” she told us, adding that positive role models like her brother “create empathy and openness,” not just for men, but for everyone in the Latine community. And that’s not just a sister gushing about her big brother, it’s one hundred percent the truth. 

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