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Listen to “MAMACITA” By Black Eyed Peas, Ozuna, and J. Rey Soul

This goes to all our Latin-Pop fans: You have to check “MAMACITA” right now.

The collaboration has resulted in a feel-good and vibrant piece, in which the three artists display their artistic talents on full display. 

Besides the excellent musicianship, “MAMACITA” was dropped next to a captivating music video that has a mise-en-scene like no other. Ozuna opens up the music video then, he is followed by Black Eyed Peas, where later J. Rey Soul joins them.

“MAMACITA” is an example of how a top-notch production looks. During the 4:13 minutes, the artists make you involuntarily move your body, as the project is filled with textured and danceable beats.

Check out the music video of “MAMACITA,” which has crossed 200 million views on YouTube:

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