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Kasbo is back: stream his first solo single in three years on Foreign Family, ‘The Way You Had Me’

“Next year will make up for the lack of releases this year, trust.” It’d been nearly three years since Kasbo‘s sophomore album—and one of Dancing Astronaut’s Top Albums of 2020—The Making Of A Paracosm and more than a year since his last original release, “Blow The Roof” with Louis The Child and EVAN GIAA. But Kasbo is officially back to enter his next chapter. And it times perfectly with his trip alongside Jai Wolf for the Blue Babu tour being just a week out, where he teased he’ll be “testing out a ton of new music.”

Kasbo has officially kept true to his word from the end of 2022. “The Way You Had Me” with Cy not only marks his return home to Foreign Family, but also his first unaccompanied original since that forenamed album. He explained that shortly after The Making Of A Paracosm arrived, he hit a wall, which eventually resulted in the near release pause in between then and now. But “The Way You Had Me” grandly welcomes Kasbo back, capturing a more matured sound that he’d been striving towards. Just before the single’s release, Kasbo took to his Instagram to shed some light on the past few years, explaining,

“Dropping my first original song in almost three years on Wednesday. After I released my last album I sort of entered this state of confusion as to where my place was in the electronic music scene. My taste had evolved and I didn’t know how to formulate the music I was passionate about in a way that felt like my own which led to a long dry spell of not making any music I enjoyed for years almost. My new song “The Way You Had Me” that comes out Wednesday was a turning point for me, it was the first step of me figuring out what it was I was supposed to do, and how to do it. Since I made it I’ve created more music and felt more inspired than ever before. It’s honestly incredibly exciting getting to finally start showing everyone this new music that to me feels like a new era of me as an artist. I chose this song as my first release back because it felt like a bridge from what I’ve done in the past to what I’m working on right now. Genuinely can’t wait to release it and to bring you all along on this new journey!! Thanks for sticking with me, love you all”

Featured image: Eric Dew

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