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NERO return after 8 year hiatus with new single ‘The Truth’

NERO is finally sharing music after announcing plans for their third studio album back in 2021. And we couldn’t be more excited for another complex and dynamic album from one of the genre’s early icons.

For those unfamiliar, the trio initially made waves back in 2011 with their groundbreaking debut LP, Welcome Reality, and its lead single “Promises” that was later given the Skrillex treatment and catapulted into the early EDM stratosphere.

A certified classic album, NERO’s one-of-a-kind sound debuted on this first LP has yet to be duplicated with the same finesse or style.

2015’s follow up, Between Two Worlds, continued the story and further built on the industrial dystopian narrative that sits at the core of their artistic vision.

Their next — and possibly final — album, Into The Unknown, is set to release in 2024, thirteen years after their story began. To kick off the album roll out, the trio have shared “Truth.” A gripping introduction to the album featuring excerpts from Neil Gaiman’s “The Mushroom Hunters.” The single is quintessential NERO – a long and cinematic build sets the tone for what’s to come from the rest of the LP. It instantly transports fans back into the cybernetic soundscapes and dystopian aesthetics that are synonymous with NERO’s music.

Still ones to remain mysterious, the official release date of Into the Unknown has not been shared — but until then there’s always “Truth” and a back a catalog that still hits as hard as it did over a decade ago.