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Is Eslabon Armado Being ‘Held Hostage’ By Their Label? Here’s What Pedro Tovar Said

It’s been awhile since we have heard new music from Eslabon Armado, and now, we might know why. Last night (May 6), the Mexican-American group’s lead singer Pedro Tovar claimed his record label is withholding their next album.

Along with Peso Pluma, Eslabon Armado led the música mexicana explosion last year. The group made history with the song “Ella Baila Sola,” which peaked at No. 4 on the all-genre Billboard Hot 100 chart. Eslabon Armado and Peso scored the first ever música mexicana top 10 hit on the chart. In April 2023, Eslabon Armado released their sixth album, Desvelado, then a few singles followed, llike “La Fresa” with Gabito Ballesteros.

The first person to open up about the delay in new music from Eslabon Armado was actually Tovar’s mom. In an Instagram live video, Nelida Oseguera revealed that Eslabon Armado turned in their next album two months ago. The guys had worked on it for six months and she claimed that Del Records, the group’s record label, is withholding the album. She added that this next album would fulfill Eslabon Armado’s contract with Del Records — which they have no intention of renewing. 

Tovar reposted his mom’s video and added a few more details to the story. In his Instagram stories, he wrote, “Go to Del Records and [the label’s CEO] Ángel del Villar and [tell them to] release the album. The album is done and it was ready to release a month ago.” In another post, Tovar revealed that del Villar blocked him on Instagram. “Damnnnn sir you hurt hurt,” he added. The singer-songwriter also reposted an explanation of Eslabon Armado’s struggles with Del Records from an Instagram user named Chuy. In his video, Chuy said that the band is being held hostage in a way by Del Records not releasing their next album. 

Neither Del Records or del Villar have responded to the claims from Tovar and his mother. Amidst the drama, the band are continuing to tour the U.S.