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WATCH: Cardi B Enlists Team of 9 to Help Carry Her Dress at Met Gala

If someone decides to wear an extravagant dress to the Met Gala, there’s a good chance they will need some help maneuvering their way across the carpet for photos and walking up the venue’s famous steps. But no one needed more assistance at the 2024 Met Gala than Cardi B. The Grammy-winning artist showed up to this year’s event at the Metropolitan Museum of Art dressed in an enormous black gown that took up the entire green carpet.

While most celebrities wearing big dresses might need two or three people to help them, Cardi B needed about nine. Just to put that in perspective, that’s the number of players a baseball team fields in a game.

We’re not sure if it took all nine to help her up the steps, but all nine of them definitely looked like they had their hands full making sure Cardi B’s gown looked nice and fluffy when it hit the carpet. Jokingly, the “WAP” singer said the dress weighed five pounds more than her. Though she hasn’t shared who she’s wearing yet, it is presumed to be Giambattista Valli.

Cardi B accessorized her black dress with a black turban and diamond and emerald jewelry. She also showed off some long green nails. Most social media users focused more on the size of the gown. Look how much space there is between Cardi B and Shakira when they spoke on the green carpet.

No matter the size of the dress, you can always assume Cardi B is going to go big at the Met Gala.