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Ivy Queen Gives an Update on Her Health & Releases New Song

Ivy Queen is giving fans an update on her health after she revealed that she was battling an undisclosed illness. The Puerto Rican icon also released a new single “Quién Dijo.”

Back in May, Ivy Queen revealed to fans on social media that she was facing health issues. She uploaded videos of herself undergoing treatments in a hospital. In her posts, she wrote, “Here I am, with the overwhelming strength of a heart that does not give up because I am a warrior by nature and I congratulate myself for how brave I have been in these moments. Please, be an angel in someone’s life whenever you can, because you don’t know when you may need one in yours. With that said, thank you all for looking out for me.”

Now, La Caballota is back with a new single, “Quién Dijo.” While promoting the song on Despierta America this week, she also gave an update on her health. The queen of reggaeton music says she’s feeling a lot better now.

“I’m fine, thank God,” Ivy Queen said. “God has a lot of love and affection for me because I think I’m His favorite. I’ve always been a very open woman with the public, with what I’m going through, with what I’m not going through, but I am in good health, which is what matters. I wanted to share it and people jumped to their conclusions, but I’m fine thank God.”

“Quién Dijo” marks Ivy Queen’s first taste of new music this year. She dabbles in Dominican bachata music while giving the genre a trap music twist. In the song, Ivy Queen sings about trying to move on from a past relationship that still has a hold on her. In the music video, she looks fierce as she’s in her feels.

Ivy Queen will return to the stage next month in Las Vegas, NV. She will perform at the Rumbazo Festival on Sept. 10 alongside names like Maluma, Prince Royce, Natanael Cano, and Omar Apollo. 

Check out the music video for “Quién Dijo” below.